Wood Is Suitable For The Dominican Tree House Village

Dominican tree house village – Before you see how to build a house, you need to decide on the place and platform for such a structure, because it is important to Term was not only beautiful, but also safe, durable. If you choose wood is wrong, you risk “throwing away” money and time. How to do everything right?

Posted on March 5, 2022 Tree House Model

First, check all the trees for Dominican tree house village. Second, choose the best to implement this idea of ​​race. For example, pine – is not the best platform for building places of rest at a height because she thorny branches and annoying “inhabitants” – ants. In general, the majority of softwood different insufficient stability gives the lodge must use the strength of some trees. Lipa will not work because the viscosity of wood, something surely consolidate this strain will be problematic. In poplar, willow and chestnut weak roots, therefore Mansion on them to build a dangerous, since the structure may collapse with the tree. What stay? Experts recommend choosing oak, maple, spruce, arborvitae, or that are stable, beautiful and strong. But for a small baby winds will fit perfectly and the apple tree, but for adults it is better not to climb.

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Third, find a suitable race – half the battle, you must also be skilled approach to the process for the selection of trees and the place where it grows. What are the requirements to be considered? Do not start construction of the old, or, conversely, young trees, which cannot withstand the weight of the structure. Prefer branched stems with branches grow horizontally, and then you will have a lot of support points. Threads for attaching the structure must be more than 20 centimeters in diameter. Check the trunk and branches that they had no cracks, the sharp decline and signs of decay. Inspect the crown, and took drink weak and withered branches, as the latter will still break the wind, what can damage the components of the Dominican tree house village.