Well Organizer Corner Desk With Storage

In a time when the computer has become the basic tool to have a student life, work, personal and socially complete, the corner desk with storage has become once and for all one of the essential furniture in any home. In fact, it was far behind that of reserving them for study in the children’s and youth rooms. It is also true; however, that finding enough space to place them is not easy considering all the basic furniture that probably already occupies most of your space. That is why if you want some good ideas to get a desktop in as few meters as possible you can take a look at some of these original proposals that we give you in the following article on desks for small spaces .

Posted on May 17, 2022 Interior

The space of a small shelf one meter wide can be enough to get a desk as complete. You only have to place a small table halfway up, protruding from the central part of the structure and take advantage of the rest of the furniture to store stationery and other necessary items. This solution is not only very practical because it allows you to get a desk without the need to occupy more space, but also, it is aesthetically very original and can give a good innovative touch to the decoration of the room.

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The following idea has some drawbacks, the main one, which does not work for traditional turret computers. However, if you have a laptop or if you simply want the desk to read or study this is probably the best idea to occupy the minimum space is to place a folding furniture hanging on the wall . The idea is to have a minimum of 30-40 cm thick to be able to store some elements of stationery or electronics in the space (as if it were a traditional small bookcase). In this way, this table will not only serve as a desk while you work, but it will also serve as a place to store all your utensils while you are not doing it.

Often it just takes a little imagination to be able to reconvert spaces that we already have in a new piece of furniture with new uses. Do you have a small built-in wardrobe that you can empty without problems? Then you have a small desk guaranteed. It is enough to place a very wide shelf at half height (or directly a desk) and others in the upper part as a bookcase, chair and accessories and … Voila! You already have mounted a disguised and original desk.