Wall Polly Pocket Tree House

Wall Polly Pocket Tree House – If your daughter loves to play with dolls, Polly pockets is the perfect toy for them. You can give her some new sets to their collection, surely they will feel happy. So they will be more motivated to play her new Polly pockets.

Posted on November 26, 2020 Tree House Model

The Polly pocket tree house has three different levels in the main part, including decreased slightly through the door, a basket that moves up and down to different levels and nice little hideaway beneath the tree. Separate small platform with a sleeping bag that is associated with the slide. The kids really enjoy creating grounds that the doll must go back to the platform so that they can slide back down. It’s too sweet.

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Polly Pocket Tree HouseSize: 1280 x 720

The Polly pocket tree house attached to the wall with 3 Command Strips, so don’t worry about damaging or marking the wall at all. We just popped a few pieces together, peeled off the backing from 3 Command Strips, stuck them to the tree house and pressed them against the wall. The little panels, that hold the set to the wall pop apart from the set. So we can actually take the set down if we want. That portability is an awesome feature. We’ll be able to take it with us on trips or for play times in other rooms, then pop it back onto the wall for the fun wall play.