Very Useful Wicker Storage Trunk

If you want to give your house an air of freshness, decorating with wicker storage trunk and baskets is the perfect choice. The wicker is a vegetable fiber that provides warmth and naturalness and being a very resistant material adapts well to any environment. They have a very affordable price and you can give different uses according to your needs. Add a special charm to each corner with these ideas that I propose! These decorative and practical accessories are very versatile. The possibilities of decorating with them are almost endless, you can place plants inside, use it as a magazine rack, for the toys of the little ones, to store all kinds of things like towels, food….

Posted on August 22, 2022 Interior

They provide a rustic air to the rooms and at the same time they are fantastic storage elements that allow you to have everything neat and in place. Can you ask for more? With the wicker baskets you will save space and you will get a genuine and authentic touch to the bathroom. They are ideal as a laundry basket. You can also use them as improvised drawers under the sink counter. With its natural and delicate appearance you can use wicker storage trunk to hang them on the wall, on shelves or on rails.

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For this stay the house is very practical, since it is where more storage capacity is needed. If you have some open shelves in your kitchen you can place baskets for vegetables, fruits or whatever you want. As an alternative to kitchen furniture, you can use them as vertical storage. Wicker is a widely used resource to provide extra storage in bedrooms and offices. You can use them in dead corners like the corners, the foot of the bed or even in the hole under it, to store blankets, shoes or even bedding. The order in children’s bedrooms is sometimes complicated.

Use large baskets to store toys and keep the room perfect. The smallest can keep everything themselves without the need to go to the elderly. A wicker storage trunk basket can always go well in the hall and depending on the size you choose you can have one function or another. For example, if you choose it with a fairly large size, you can leave it next to the door and use it as an umbrella stand. If the size is smaller you can place it in the furniture of the entrance or in some bookshelf, where usually different objects such as mail, bags, keys, wallets, etc. accumulate.