Useful Ideas For Garage Door Torsion Spring

Garage door torsion spring and extension springs are used for garage doors. Torsion springs, however, are connected to a fixed metal plate. They are placed in parallel to surface of door frame and center of doorframe. Torsion springs work on basic principle of tension. Are connected to each side of bottom panel of garage door cables. When garage door is closed, turn these springs. At docks are under stress, you can lift garage door.

Posted on March 25, 2022 Garage Design

Garage door spring replacement can be dangerous if not done with due caution because of spring tension. Do it with extreme caution, otherwise you may end up losing hand, fingers, eyes, limbs or even life. Collect all tools and accessories required, before starting to replace garage door torsion spring. Release tension on old docks, before replacement. Do not touch cable drum. They never end or wind twist with help of a screwdriver.

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Always insert a snug bar coil cone first, before hitting a screw. Avoid using a box or socket wrench to screw. Always keep a bar in cone, while replacing door springs. Never touch support, when sources are wound. Check if you have adequate wind garage door torsion spring newly replaced. Do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks. Call a professional, in case of any difficulty. Replacing defective or broken door springs garage is not a very difficult task even can do for yourself if procedure is followed carefully.