Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack Ideas

You can find a variety of under cabinet wine glass rack in the stores, but due to the varying shapes and sizes of many glasses today, finding the perfect racket can be difficult. Assembling your own racket is relatively quick and easy. This allows you to create the perfect display for your individual collection of Glass.

Posted on July 26, 2022 Interior


Measuring Your Supplies. Count and measure your wine glasses. You will need to know the width of the base of the glass, the strain of glass and the cup in the widest place. Measure different thread glass shelves. These can be found on most hardware stores as well as online. You must ensure that the stem of the glass will fit the rack, and that the base of the glass is wide enough to keep it from falling. Calculate how many glasses fit in each rack. Leave at least one centimeter between glasses to make sure they will not fall. Calculate how much the base of your rack needs to be.

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This depends on how long your thread rack is, and how many racks you need to hold all your glasses. Determine how many screws you need. Depending on the type of grid you choose, you may need two or four screws per rack. You also need screws to attach the bracket to the shelf and to the wall.

Build your Wing Glass Rack

Paint your shelf. Glass rack will be mounted on the underside of this shelf. The top will be free for other items. Choose a color that complements your home decor. Prime consoles. You may want to choose decorative brackets to attach your shelf to the wall. Paint the consoles. You may want to choose a complementary color than the shelf, or you can choose to match them.

Attach the grille to the underside of the shelf. Measure carefully as you do to make sure your glasses are not too close and will fit comfortably in the rack. Attach the consoles to each end of the shelf. Find a wall stud, and hang your Ingles rack using consoles.

Tips and warnings

If you prefer a more natural look, you do not have to fine-tune and paint the metal brackets. Some shelves also come already painted in white or black if you prefer this ready to use the option. Make sure your rack is firmly attached to the wall, and placed well out of reach for children and pets to prevent cases of glass.