Tips Before Installing Faux Ceiling Beams

As in many other DIY jobs, it is interesting to do a sketch of the installation of faux ceiling beams that you will make on the roof. In this way, you will know the position and the exact materials you need. The normal thing is that the beams are placed equidistant from each other. After planning the placement of the first beam at one end of the room, you should mark the points at the ends and draw lines of the following beams, ensuring that they are always parallel. To draw the lines, you can use a dial and a tile.

Posted on August 7, 2022 Interior

The wooden dowels with which the beams or the corresponding clips are placed should be centered or aligned in the marks so that when placing the faux wood beams home depot there is no problem. The placement of the beams can be used for more things. If they are hollow they are a perfect medium for hiding installation cables while decorating them. If they are solid they can serve you for the placement of lamps, for example. At the same time serves to hide imperfections or small cracks in walls or ceilings and serve as a brake and hiding areas with moisture. Once you have chosen the starting area, measure from side to side the room to know the length of the beam.

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If a whole beam fits, work first this one. Remove the pieces of wood that are used to secure the decorative ceiling beams. There are models that are fastened with clips. If it does not come with a hole in the center, you will have to make one right in the center of the piece. Drill a drill with a wood drill of the same thickness of the screw you are going to use. Place one of the clamping boards in the hollow part of the beam and measure the distance between the right center and one of the sides. That will be the center of the axis that you have to mark on the roof. Move the center of the beam line on the roof.

Mark the placement point of the wooden blocks. Average the distance, taking into account that it is advisable to put one per meter. Drill with a 6 mm bit, taking care according to the ceiling or hollow. Place the appropriate block, depending on the type of surface, and screw each of the tables that serve as support. Check that the boards have been perfectly aligned in what will be the center of the real wood ceiling beams so that it fits without difficulty. Take a test with the beam: if it does not fit well in all the pieces, rectify before finishing.