Tiny House Stairs Ideas For Space Saving

Tiny house stairs – to have ideal tiny house, you also need to take into account some important features such as stair and also window treatment. People have their own technique in decorating tiny house, and designing its inside feature. It is also about the stair, different people have different style in designing stair. Some of them better choose stair with storage underneath. This is a very effective way for storage solution.

Posted on February 25, 2022 Tiny House

For your tiny house stairs ideas, we have some easy but helpul ideas here. I hope it is helpeful, here they are.

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Tiny House Loft StairsSize: 900 x 600

Tiny House Loft LadderSize: 900 x 600

  1. First, you can consider to have stair with storage underneath. This type of stair will be really versatile and functional. You can use the stair for many types of organization including to keep shoes, sandals, kids toys, and many more. Stair with storage underneath is very popular among tiny house owner.
  2. If you do not want to have stair with storage underneath, you can consider to have tiny house loft ladder. This is another good option for additional storage solution for tiny house.
  3. How about folding spiral staircase? This type of tiny house stair is really good to enhance tiny house beauty, and will be effective as well in space saving. This provides very playful view to the house.
  4. There are still many tiny staircase design you can choose. Just find the style that meets your need. Remember, the tiny house stairs should be space saving, functional, and eye-catching.