The Village Of Belize Tree Houses

Belize tree houses – Erica and Matt Hogan are an original pair of Colorado. Their dream was to find a place that you can buy in Costa Rica. And here comes the rare occasion that comes once in a lifetime: a piece of land for sale, ready to deforestation. But the idea of ​​the two has suddenly changed and so did the plans for that land.

Posted on May 8, 2022 Tree House Model

Instead of breaking down all those trees have decided to invest their energies and creativity in a risky project but very original. They have created “Finca Bella Vista”, a community of people who live in true and proper tree houses. And do not think that Belize tree houses are not equipped with all comforts because you are wrong: there is a plumbing, running water and a perfectly usable kitchen. To merge the case with each other, in the air, there are also bridges between trees.

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‘Even a section devoted to the office and with the ability to connect via Wi-Fi. Also available are the corner bar, with bar, bartender ready to serve and prepare cocktails. A sort of small neighborhood away from the ground, in the air, where you can “literally” switch. You want to put the peace and tranquility in order to read a book comfortably sat on the edge of your own home to tens of meters high, so close to the sky? Belize tree houses the answer.