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Setting Workbench Vice

Workbench vice provides a large surface for cutting, routing, sanding, assembly and other projects. Make a Workbench vice for your garage or shed and give yourself a comfortable surface to complete such projects. It does not take so much time and with the right plan and tools, you may be surprised at how easy and inexpensive it can be to build one. A major advantage of building your own Workbench vice is being able to customize it to your specific needs.

Measure and cut, using a miter saw, two pieces of plywood that each measure 2 meters wide and four meters long. Apply wood glue to one of the pieces and attaching the second piece to create double-thick plywood. If possible, place the pieces so that the grain is opposed; this will make the piece stronger and resistant to more weight. Cut two 8-foot wooden poles into four pieces that each measure 3 meters in length.

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Workbench Vice DrawingSize: 1000 x 847

Workbench Vice DiagramSize: 1000 x 750

Workbench Vice CorkSize: 900 x 675

Workbench Vice ClampSize: 800 x 800

Fix the wooden poles of the double-thick piece of plywood to create the legs of the workbench. Drive screws down through the plywood and into the narrow 4-inch by 4-inch ends of the posts. Drive screws down and under the surface of the plywood; this process is called the counter sink. These pieces will be attached to the pieces of the Workbench vice legs to create weight support for the legs.