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Antique Wood Ceiling Panels

Wood ceiling panels – Restoring antique wooden panel refreshes the appearance of the roof panels and contribute to long. These panels are available in many designs. They give a country, formal or classic look in the ceiling, depending on the type of panels. Wear safety goggles while restoring the roof. This will protect your eyes from dust and abrasive particles and droplets from the finish line you use. Climb a ladder and sand antique ceiling with a sanding block and a medium sandpaper. This will remove the fine scratches and stains that may exist on the ceiling.

Fold the sandpaper in the fourth to grind any trace or designs on wood ceiling panels. Dust ceiling with a long-handled duster or soft cloth. Using a long-handled duster is a quick way to rid the roof of dust from the sanding process. Stir the wood stain with a stick or a paint stirrer. Spots present in a variety of colors corresponding to each type of timber. Gel spots is useful to avoid an uneven color application. This is particularly important in panels that have denser wood in some areas.

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Top Wood Ceiling PanelsSize: 1168 x 877

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New Wood Ceiling PanelsSize: 1500 x 1000

Dark Wood Ceiling PanelsSize: 1098 x 732

Best Wood Ceiling PanelsSize: 1153 x 768

Apply the stain to the ancient roof panels with a quality brush. Use the dash which follows the wood grain and avoid overlapping strokes. This helps to ensure a uniform color of the wood ceiling panels. Wipe off excess stain with a soft, lint-free cloth when you work. Wait until the wood stain to dry overnight before continuing. Some spots require two coats. Read the instructions on the can and let each layer dry before adding another. Apply the oil with a polyurethane foam brush. Use the dash which follows the wood grain and apply polyurethane as thin as possible.