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Wood Panel On Carved For Various Home Decoration Purpose

Wood panel is a very popular material that can be used for many purposes. You can build many furniture, home decors, home accessories, etc. With this kind of material. The panels come in various sizes, and you can buy it in many furniture shops an workshop. You can ask the carpenters to build your custom order design, or you can purchase the raw material and build by your own at home. There is some famous wooden name like pine and teak that popular among buyers.

Wood Panel for Walls

The wood panel wall is a good idea to spice up your house without buy too many home decors. You can keep the other furniture arrangement in a minimalist style and make you walls pop. The wood panel will give a rustic and raw vibe to the entire room. You can paint it white in washed technique so the color will not cover the wood perfectly but will turn into unfinished style. You can hang some frames with sketches or quotes to make your house just come out from the interior design magazine.

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Wood Panel for Bookshelves and Cabinets

A little twist of wood carved panel will make your bookshelves or cabinet turn into eclectic furniture. You can ask artisan or sculpture to make a beautiful carved on wood panel so you can get one of a kind product. All of the handmade products will never be the same even when they come in a similar design. The personal touch will make you feel special and love your space even more than before. You can tell stories behind the production and the meaning of the symbol on the carved wood.

If you into green campaign that quite massive nowadays you can support the campaign with the recycle panels. The recycle panels usually come from the old furniture that left behind in the antique shop. The shop owners usually separate some parts of the old furniture and sell the one that still in good condition. You can turn the old stuff into something new and artsy with this type of wood panel.