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Chic Glass Window Panels

Window panels – When light enters through the windows and bounces on the panels, reflecting the whole room and can even make the space look and feel bigger. These glass panels are similar to those used on exterior doors and windows of the house, but the window glass panels also serve a purpose that adorns the interior of the house.

A simple way to add glass window panels for your home is by rotating the panels in an interior door. The interior doors are typically light, with a hollow core. The doors are unadorned and quite flat. A door glass panel offers less privacy because the panels give out the room, but the doors are highly decorated. Add doors in areas where privacy is not required, as the doors of a living room, family room or study. The light shines through the doors, creating a brighter and warmer space. Glass panels can even be used to create separators, which convert a single room in two separate spaces.

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Window Panels CustomSize: 1097 x 576

Window Panels ColorSize: 990 x 1179

Hand Window PanelsSize: 1500 x 810

Glass Window PanelsSize: 857 x 768

Glass Window Panels TypeSize: 1300 x 1076

When used correctly, the glass window panels become a new type of furniture for your home. Glass panels combined with metal legs and brackets make a stand for a television and other electronic products. A stand of wood or metal is ideal for a coffee table made of glass panel’s base. The same idea also works for a kitchen or dining table and end tables. Mix glass panels larger blocks of concrete or plastic boxes to create a new shelf for your home.