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Whitewash Wood Paneling Makeover Before And After

Whitewash wood paneling is a simple and easy way to makeover your house. You can do this way with a very affordable budget and turn your house wall into something pretty and lovely. The current trend of rustic, sweet, feminine details will fit this technique very well. All you need is white paint, paint brushes, wood panel, and your old house wall that ready for a little magic touch.

Whitewash Wood Paneling Inspirations

You can start browse for many picture references on the internet for whitewash wood paneling before and after transformation. You can see clearly that you can achieve the shabby chic theme house with a very simple way like these. Maybe you can’t afford to buy many house decorations but if you want to be a little creative then, you can overcome this obstacle. The picture references are giving many options of whitewash wood paneling execution. You can paint the whole wall, or you can make some pattern with this technique.

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Whitewash Wood Paneling Project

There are many tutorials for whitewash wood paneling activity on the internet that you can copy. It’s much easier if you watch the video tutorial so you can see the process directly and see how the tutor does it. The good thing about online tutorial is you can leave some comments and questions if you feel there’s something confusing and hard to learn. Most of the time, the uploaded will reply your comments and give some tips.

The next thing that also important is the material selections. The most popular option is doing whitewash pine wood paneling. The pine wood has a light based color that will make the white paint pop up and turnout nicely. Do not use wood with darkly based color because it will turn weird. You can do some experiments before apply this technique directly in your wall. Have some fun and enjoy the process of doing the whitewash wood paneling.