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How To Remodel A Wood White Bath Panel

White bath panel – Groove at the height of 2 to 3 feet is known as wood paneling. Once used in baths to protect against moisture, coatings adds old world charm today for baths and offers an affordable way to hide ugly tile, stains and damage on the wall form. Before remodeling your bathroom with wood white bath panel, decide whether to use traditional wood siding or bead board modern fiber made of medium or high density. Close the water supply to the sink and toilet, and move them away from the wall. Remove vanities, cabinets, towel racks and outlet covers. Measure the width of your walls to determine the amount of wood or bead board panels required for remodeling your bathroom.

Cut the plywood to the height of any tile you want to cover with wooden white bath panel. Drill through the grout and attach plywood to the wall with screws. If the installation of wainscoting directly on the wall, plywood necessary. Draw a horizontal line on the wall at 36-48 inches above the motherboard. Use a laser guide to maintain a straight line. Cut the bead board wainscoting or the height drawn on the wall. Carefully remove the existing system board and set aside.

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Place the first piece of bead board wainscoting or in a bathroom corner, keeping it flush with the side wall and the floor. Attach to the wall with the nail gun at the top and bottom. Continue around the room. Overlap paneling to fit the corners, or miter cut angles of 45 degrees. Place the chair rail molding on top of wainscoting or bead board using the nail gun. Set the base plate on the bottom.