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Wet Wall Panels For Bathroom

Wet wall panels – The walls of the bathroom wet are the result of excess moisture in an area, usually around the tub, making the drywall is saturated. Marks a square edge around the wet area with a level and a pencil. Place the two vertical lines so as to be along the inner edge of the wall studs on both sides of the wet area. Put the two horizontal sides to 3 or 4 inches above and below the wet area.

Cut the square with a reciprocating saw. Both vertical sides of the new hole should be aligned with the inner edges of the wet wall panels. Use a screw gun and screws 2 1/2 inch to set tables 2 by 2 inches to the sides of the posts, with the edges toward the front of the tables , flush with the front edges of the beams. Tables 2 by 2 inches must be installed from the panel surrounding plaster.

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Place one of the pieces of plywood into the hole and keep along the upper run, with approximately half of the width of the part of the back behind the wall and half projecting into the hole so that is visible from the front. Secure the pieces with drywall screws 1 3/4 inch nailed through the wet wall panels at the top and the wood behind him.  Measure the square hole. Transfer the measurement to a piece of wetrock. Cut the plaster marking it with a knife and snapping it into the line.