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How To Hang Voile Panels Curtains

How To Hang Voile Panels Curtains┬ásimilar weaving and look to organza or organdy, “voile” is a semi-sheer fabric, mainly used in the construction of light and airy dresses, blouses or curtains. Voile, the French word for veil allows filtered light to shine through with a minimum of privacy. Gather the tools you need, and you should be able to hang voile curtain panels in less than 30 minutes.

Hang drapery rod before hang voile panels. Place the ladder to one side of the window and tape butcher paper. Measure voile panel length and then measure the same length from the floor to the drapery rod. Put a level horizontally by measuring and draw a line on butcher paper in line with the level. Place curtains support with one hand. Drill all pencil lines to create anchor holes for each support, and then remove the paper from the wall Press anchors into the holes with a hammer. Adjust the bracket support has holes over anchors; insert the screw in the top hole. Tighten all screws with your drill.

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Voile PanelsSize: 900 x 965

Then hang voile panels with keep curtains rod in one hand while keeping voile panel on the bar with the other hand. The top panel has an opening voile and thread rod through the pocket. Thread the remaining panels on the pole, if you use more than one. Make sure the fabric facing in the same direction as you add each panel. Climb the ladder and carefully place the rod in the stand. Set each panel on the stem in the right dress the windows.