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Two Types Of Seagrass Bed

Seagrass bed – Seagrass is a good indicator of the state of the Warden Sea. In seagrass life countless organisms, which in turn serve as food for birds and animals. Formerly grew in the Warden extensive seagrass beds around the low water mark, but they have disappeared around 1930. Now there are only smaller fields to find the flats themselves.

Two types of Seagrass bed, there are two types of seagrasses: small seaweed and eelgrass. Small seagrass is especially common among shallows along the Groningen salt marshes and along the edge of the Balgzand (in the north of Noord-Holland). Eelgrass occurs in the Ems estuary in the Paap and sludge at Eemshaven (Voelhok). In addition, individual plants come in a variety of places. The presence of Ruppia maritima on the Balgzand is still remarkable.

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This species, which can be seen as a kind of seaweed “for the more brackish parts, is almost not in the Netherlands in areas outside the dikes for. Possibly the presence of this species here an indication that this is now what brakker than before. Seagrass fields reasonable vitally the remaining seagrass bed it are variable, according to the annual monitoring. They are as a rule quite vigorous, but surface area and density vary over the years. There is a new location added with eelgrass.