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Korowai Tree Houses In New Guinea Indonesia

Korowai tree houses – Deep in the inaccessible jungle of Indonesia’s Papua province. About 150 kilometers inland from the Arafura Sea. The Korowai tribe lives – a clan totally isolated from the rest of the world. They are hunter-gatherers. They live in traditional family ties of small society. In 1974, discovery that the Korowai had little contact with the outside world.

The Korowai live in houses in the trees (and we call with korowai tree houses now) that extend in height from 6 to 12 meters. But some are as high as 35 meters from the ground. Generally the houses are built on a single tree. But often the base of the house consists of several trees of life, and additional support is derived from wooden posts. These korowai tree houses protect families from mosquitoes and away from annoying neighbors and evil spirits.

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Korowai tree houses build at a sturdy Banyan tree is selected (to function as the central post). Then remove the top of the tree. The frame of the floor, made of branches, is built first. Then using sago palm to cover it. The walls and roof are made with the same leaves in the frame of the house consists of branches with rotating fixations. The ground should be very strong as houses in trees often accommodate as many as a dozen people. The trunk of a dry tree with notches hangs from the bottom of the tree house to get up to the house.