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Woman Promises To Fight Eviction Of Tree House Miami

Tree house Miami – Shawnee Chasser, a 65-year-old grandmother, has lived for a decade in what she calls a paradise in Miami. This paradise is made up of a tree house overlooking a pond surrounded by plants in the Biscayne Gardens area. But his dream residence could disappear abruptly within only four months. Officials in Miami-Dade County, where she resides, say the tree house was built illegally, is not safe and must be demolished in the next four months.

But Chasser, who defines himself as hippie and tree-loving, refuses to give up what he considers his tree house Miami. The woman lives on selling organic popcorn bags at Whole Foods and claims she is already bankrupt. Because of the heavy fines she has received because her home violates numerous safety and construction codes. The county ordered a series of renovations to the house to carry it to code. But Chasser says that would cost him 150 thousand dollars that does not own.

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The woman is considering launching a fundraising campaign on the GoFundme platform. But at the moment, she only promises that she will not give up fighting eviction of tree house Miami. “It helped me to stop the Vietnam War, and I lived the death of my son, and I adopted an African American girl, which was the hardest part of my life,” Chasser said. “If I could do all that, I can do this.”