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Chic And Romantic Tree House Cafe

Tree house cafe – Before we proceed to the construction phase, you have to prepare estimates choose not only material in the right way, but also a place where there is a house. The design should not only beautiful and fascinating but also durable, reliable and safe. The first thing you should do is to explore all the trees that are in place and have to choose the best option. For example, on a pine tree is not recommended to build a vacation at a height, as branches of the plant prickly and irritating ants will not allow spending time quietly.

Conifers do not have a high resistance, so to make the structure need some trees. Lind also prevented reliable design, this is due to the fact that wood is a viscous. Poplar, willow and chestnut have a weak root system, so not safe for them to build a tree house cafe; there is a risk that the structure is filled with wood.

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Wamrth Tree House CafeSize: 956 x 452

Tree House CafeSize: 1100 x 733

Tree House Cafe WoodSize: 800 x 531

Tree House Cafe ThemeSize: 960 x 720

Tree House Cafe IdeaSize: 900 x 506

Tree House Cafe DecorSize: 900 x 506

According to experts, is the best and safest options for tree house cafe is to plant an oak or maple and spruce trees or arborvitae trees that are resistant, durable and visually looks very handsome. If the house is planned to build a small, for children, where adults will not climb, then come and the simplest apple.