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Tree House Brackets Ideas

Tree house brackets – If you build a tree house in your garden, you can also teach your children to love nature. Of course you will build your wooden house in a tree, with a floor that also serves as a support frame. The tree house has an open deck, which you can reach via a flight of stairs, a ladder or a rope ladder. Make sure that your tree house is solidly structured. Take good to build it. How do you exactly will build it depends on conditions in your own garden, but you can follow these step-by-step instructions as a guide. You can choose your materials from different types of wood.

Support tree house brackets for beams. Secure the platform to the crossbeams with 8 support bracket. Make sure that the whole structure is perfectly level, and that all corners between the joists are perpendicular to each other. Mount the 4 support brackets to the platform 2 sides. How to build a wooden house in a tree. Support beams under the platform. The platform is still a bit unstable, but we will ensure the two support beams 30×100 mm. These beams are attached with two brackets on the platform top side. Attach the underside of the support beams to tree branches.

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Saw the upper sides of the supporting beams, to fit in an angle of about 45 °, depending on local circumstances. Attach the support beams to the inner side of the platform, again by means of two supporting tree house brackets. Attach the two overlapping support beams along the bottom with a 100 mm long M8 bolt or threaded rod. Use washers between the support beams and the bolts.