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Best Seagrass Flooring Ideas

Seagrass Flooring – After drying, sea grass fibers create a versatile and durable material for weaving carpets and other floor coverings items. And because algae is natural, sea grass flooring is a great option for those looking for a “green” alternative to synthetic flooring options. Seagrass fibers used in flooring usually comes from grass grown in South Asia – although seagrass can be found in temperate coastal areas worldwide. The seawater-soaked rice fields of South Asia provide a great renewable source of seagrass.

Color Seagrass Flooring, After drying, sea grass fibers do not absorb dyes very well and generally keep their natural color – shades of green and brown. Species seagrass flooring, Sea grass fibers can be woven into almost every type of flooring – such as carpets, tile and carpet – which cotton and synthetic fibers can be woven in. Sisal can be woven into sea grass fibers to add color to the neutral tones of the seagrass.

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Benefits seagrass flooring, Sea grass fibers are durable, and eco-friendly renewable resource; also, means spill their non-absorbent character and stains will not be a problem. Although seagrass flooring is highly resistant to stains, it cannot be used in areas where prolonged saturation can wear the fibers down – like a bathroom or a kitchen.