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Get Rid Of Mold In Lightweight Beach Chairs

Lightweight beach chairs – Mold can live in many types of materials, including plastic or fabric chairs. Chairs that are stored wet or stored in moist areas are especially prone to mold. Not only creates mold stains on the chairs, which gives off an unpleasant smell of moisture that can transfer to your clothes when you sit in the chairs. Fortunately, getting rid of mold in your Lightweight Beach Chairs is not difficult.

Put on rubber gloves. Gently brush the lightweight beach chairs with upholstery brush to remove loose rust and dirt. Fill a bucket with a pint of hot water. Add a tablespoon. Perforate bleach to the water and stir to mix. Sodium perforate is a white, odorless compound used for bleaching and oxidizing. Dampen a sponge in the solution and scrub the mildewed areas of the chairs. Leave the solution on the moldy areas for half an hour. Rinse chairs with a garden hose. Leave the lightweight beach chairs in the sunlight to dry completely before using or storing.

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An alternative to perforate bleach is white distilled vinegar. Spray or sponge undiluted vinegar in the moldy areas and let dry air chairs. Prevent mold in lightweight beach chairs air out in the sunlight after use. Lightweight beach chairs should be folded and stored only when they are completely dry.