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Popular Tongue And Groove Bath Panel

Tongue and groove bath panel – Beadboard is a style of wooden panels consisting of thin strips of wood, usually about 3 inches wide, with a small drop along one side. Strips have a tongue along one edge and a groove along other. They are mounted on a wall with interlocking tongues and grooves. When installed, beadboard panels provide an attractive visual texture due to flat surfaces alternating with curves of beads.

Most popular color of tongue and groove bath panel is white, while darker colors and wood are predominantly used in formal dining rooms. Decor with wood paneling in a bathroom is a great way to add architectural interest without having to remodel. In addition, wainscoting is cheap and easy to install. Installation can be done with glue or nail wire construction. Paneling is usually covered with crown molding or chair rail, as shown in image above.

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How to installing tongue and groove bath panel? First plate is installed on a wall with slot in corner, and is driven through surface of corner and diagonally through tongue on other side. Subsequent boards have their slots provided on language of previous board, and then nails are inserted through their tongues. Thus, no nails are showing in surface of walls beadboard. Some companies make 4 by 8 foot panels that mimic look of beadboard, but generally is a poor substitute for real thing.