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The Largest And Most Impressive The Minister’s Treehouse

The Minister’s Treehouse – orace Burgess, a religious pastor, in the early 90 bought a wooded lot on the outskirts of Crossville, Tennessee, who had a giant tree on the side of the dirt road. With its aim”to build the house in the world’s largest tree”, he raised a structure 30 meters. Around this tree and for 15 years this house was built without plans or models and with the use of recycled materials the expansion is approximately 3,000 square meters in 10 levels.

Known as The Minister’s Treehouse, the structure is centered around a 24-meter-high white oak, with six other oaks as support. This house is known as the minister’s treehouse and is located in Crossville, Tennessee (United States). It was an ambitious project to Horace Burgess, a local priest who in 1993 got down working to achieve their goal. It has many rooms, rooms and bedrooms to accommodate more than 80 people. The house has a spiral staircase, trap doors, several lounges and a basketball court on the third floor.

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The central axis of the structure is a giant oak tree 25 meters high, but also has other 6 trees large supporting the big house. The construction was made from 258,000 nails and is valued at $ 12,000.00. It is estimated that it has 80 rooms located on about 3,000 square meters. Inside there are spiral staircases, a sanctuary, a basketball court and innumerable rooms, corridors and balconies. In 2012 the minister’s treehouse had to be closed due to structural problems, but they are working on it to reopen soon.