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Best Tree Houses In The World

Best tree houses РHave you ever had a tree house or wanted to make one? Maybe these will inspire you.  Tree Hotel, This tree house which is actually a hotel, is located in Swedish Lapland, in a place dominated by forests and water, near the small but cozy village of Harads. One of the most curious rooms is a cubic room, made of aluminum with dimensions of 4x4m, covered with mirrors, to mimic the surroundings reflecting the forest and the sky. The interior is wood, and the room offers 360-degree views of the forest. The place is small but very nice, it has a small bathroom, a living room and a roof terrace with a fireplace.

The Redwoods Tree house: This magnificent and one of best tree houses is truly a restaurant, which is perched high on a redwood tree overlooking the forest surroundings of Warkworth, New Zealand. The shape of this house imitates a chrysalis that hangs from a tree, giving a magical atmosphere to all who visit the place.

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Best Tree Houses TypeSize: 910 x 606

Best Tree Houses StairSize: 900 x 675

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Best Tree Houses PorchSize: 900 x 675

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Other best tree houses are, tree house was designed by Lukasz Kos, student of the University of Architecture and Design of the city of Toronto in Canada. His idea was to imitate the Japanese lanterns, so that it seemed that these houses floated among the trees and melted in the air. The lantern houses are located in the tall trees of the entire Lake Muskoka, Ontario (Canada).