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Wall Tectum Panels For Noise Reduction

Tectum panels combine a unique texture look with unusual durability. Features include excellent acoustic absorption, lightweight structural strength and Class A / 1 classification spread of flames. For a multitude of interior applications, using of this panels is very cost effective. Tectum panels are made of poplar wood fibers, agglomerated with a unique hydraulic cement binder. Few if any other acoustic products can take the repeated abuse that Tectum panels can and still maintain their structural integrity and good looking.

Acoustic tectum panels are easy to install on walls. Easy of their Installation is with drywall tools or conventional wood. The natural white panels or factory painted provide a decorative interior finish. No asbestos is used in tectum. It is recommended that Tectum used as wall panels be installed in wood or metal inlay strips. Adding fiberglass between battens will improve overall performance. All exposed panel edges should be beveled for best appearance.

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Awesome Tectum PanelsSize: 976 x 616

Acoustic Tectum PanelsSize: 993 x 1280

Cool Tectum PanelsSize: 900 x 675

Wall Tectum PanelsSize: 1000 x 644

Ceiling Tectum PanelsSize: 800 x 600

Tectum Panels ModelSize: 918 x 531

Original Tectum PanelsSize: 960 x 720

Office Tectum PanelsSize: 900 x 664

Medium Tectum PanelsSize: 800 x 600

Tectum Indoor Wall & Ceiling Panels offer an effective. Also permanent and attractive. That solution for any type of application that required cushioning of undesirable noise levels within an enclosed space. Tectum panels are resistant to abuse and able to hold repeated impact. Yet are considerably lightweight. Tectum interior wall and ceiling panels are easy to install in new buildings. And in existing buildings for effective sound control.