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Susan Susanka Small House Ideas

Susan Susanka small house – A small house requires clever use of space. Owners of a modestly sized home can better utilize limited space with an open floor plan. Elimination of unused formal rooms, use of multiuse space and the inclusion of built-in furniture. Others are simple interest in reducing their carbon footprint, green living, conservation of natural resources.

Susan Susanka small house does not feel small. According to Sarah Susanka, author of ” The Not So Big House, ” an open floor plan will make a modest home seem larger. If the home is not designed in this way, taking down walls between the kitchen and family room and other adjoining areas. If you are building a new home, eliminating the seldom-used formal rooms, such as living rooms, dining rooms and atrium entrances.

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Susan Susanka small house use furniture to divide an open space in the cozy zones. Back of a sectional sofa, for example, can block the living room of a television viewing area. An island with bar stools can divide kitchen from the adjacent open area. An open-back bookcase can partition off an entryway while allowing light to pass through. Then, using large mirror to reflect light and expand the space. In the children’s room, using bunk beds or loft beds with desk units below. Below are some images of small house, may you get some ideas.