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Aluminum Spandrel Panel

Spandrel panel – The office is where you spend time daily to work. It is thus important that you take care of deliberate and interested in Office decoration display. Type architectural materials to be used must be chosen carefully, including the type of glass used in the architecture spandrel panel.

This article articulates some points to consider when making a choice such as in architectural design spandrel panel. When choosing the type of architectural glass for spandrel panel which will be used for offices, a number of factors must be considered including solar control glass, thermal insulation, color, light transmission, safety properties, and sound insulation.

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Aesthetics is also a big concern for glasses office in the install spandrel panel. For example, when making the type spandrel panel, you should talk with your architect so as to ensure that the entire porch of the building has the appearance of a harmonious and unified. Consider the following factors in your choice of architectural glass: A mechanical calculations to be done to ensure that a minimum of either the glass structure or thickness needed for the stability of the glass, both in terms of the burden that will be imposed as well as the dimensions of the overall mean.