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Special Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation – Solar panels are expensive, but ultimately saving a lot on energy consumption, and protect the environment. In this time when fuels are scarce and expensive, and care for the environment has become a priority, think about alternative energy at the time of building is not a cost but an investment. One option is solar energy

There are two types of solar panel installation: solar thermal energy, which is used directly using the heat of the sun (such as solar ovens); or photovoltaic solar energy, which is using panels, collectors and solar batteries. These work by capturing and collecting solar radiation and converting it into heat and into usable energy. This energy is used in the same way that electricity or gas, either for heating or cooling.

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To an existing house you can be adapted to use solar energy, but the cost is higher than new construction, because you have to carry out reforms. In new houses, the roof is not always the best place to locate solar panels: solar panel installation can be installed elsewhere in the ground and do the necessary to reach the house connections. This increases the number of panels, creating small “solar farms”.