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Make A Heated In Small Igloo Cat House

Small igloo cat house – Ever notice how your cat prefers the hood of the car as a place to sit after the engine has been running, even in cold weather? Cats are attracted to hot surfaces. A heated outdoor cat house would be an extra special treat for your cat. You might already have an outdoor cat house for good weather, one that is isolated from wind and elevated above ground or cement. As long as the cat house is dry and not draughty, it will be appropriate shelter. But adding a heating element will go the extra distance to keep your cat comfortable in cold weather. Low-level radiation heat is the safest option.

Begin with a small igloo cat house, you already have, or construct a wooden box. Experts recommend cedar; it repels fleas and weather well. You will be creating a downsized doghouse, in essence, with two small doors. Often the cat house has a flat roof for the cat to lounge on. For more cats, you must have a larger cat house. Some cat houses are multistory. You can isolate the interior walls with carpet scraps or styrene foam; do not use fiberglass.

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New Small Igloo Cat HouseSize: 1600 x 1200

To use an electric heating pad, controlling a power outlet is within 6 meters of the small igloo cat house or secure the connection to an outdoor-safe extension cord is protected from moisture.  And then buy an outdoor use electric heating pad made for outdoor cats or a non-electric thermal mat. You can find both online. Then install pad or mat inside the small igloo cat house. Finally, connect the heating pad.