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Incredible Ideas Cave Junction Tree Houses

Cave junction tree houses – When we were kids, we learned in school that there were different types of houses. Ours (whatever our own) we did not study them, but they taught us that in other parts of the world there were people who lived in igloos, others who lived on stilts, others in mud huts … Within the large number of houses exist, there are some that give us back the magic of being different houses. Right now you have in your hand the opportunity to return to play houses by making a break to some original and different home.

The cave junction tree houses are one of the great myths of childhood. Almost all of us climbed a large tree and dreamed of building our chocita with planks like the ones we saw in the movies. Much more comfortable than never got to imagine, you have to find the treehouse Agroturismo Maricruz in Villanueva de Arce, Navarra

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Like Batman had his Batcave, you can also have your own cave junction tree houses but without sacrificing the charm and comfort you provide the Cave houses the Mirador de Galera in Galera, Malaga Hop the movie you want to go to the village of Mocanal, on the island of El Hierro, and stay in the Bed de los Arcos, a highly original building designed from the rehabilitation of blocks from the nineteenth century.