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Best Small Modern House Designs

Best small modern house designs – Open spaces, clean lines, leather and wood have emerged as favored elements of modern design. We offer many ideas on how to incorporate these modern design elements in your home office and also workplace. Incorporating these modern design ideas will give your home office a modern, clean and open atmosphere, ready to work efficiently.

Hardwood floors and wooden furniture gives the best small modern house designs heat. Floors can be either solid or laminate. Furniture can makeĀ of solid wood or wood veneer covered. Your choice depends on your design budget. Darker wood tones are high contrast colors to lighter colored rooms. Modern design includes clean straight lines. The design is simple. Curves, when present, are simple curves without ornate designs of the Victorian era. Furniture is linear in design with a straight edge and shelving.

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Best small modern house designs make use of whites, blacks and also wood tones. Bright colors are use as accent colors to brighten up the rooms even more. It adds energy to the home office, which will help you keep working. Modern design also makes use of metal. Most often used as part of the framework. Modern leather chairs will have metal base with a leather cover that forms the seat area.