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Design Of Garage Apartment Plans

Garage apartment plans – An apartment built over an existing garage can give space for guests or in-laws. Such an apartment can also provide rental income at some point. Constructing the apartment will cost much less if all ceilings and walls are already in place. There are many designs for garage apartments in the home-design books and on various websites. Designing space to essentially function as a small house, so that anyone staying in the apartment will have all the amenities of home.

Design of garage apartment plans; review all aspects of the garage for safety. Inspect the floors, pipes and stairs leading up to where the apartment will be built. Correct any problems before you invest in launching the renovation or construction of apartment. Sketch a floor plan of the apartment and transfer it to the graph paper. Talk to a builder on any specific problems that may arise. Do not forget to get a building permit, and review local building codes as well.

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Look at the ceilings in the garage apartment plans to see if repairs are needed. Inspect exterior walls and windows. Designing the interior of the apartment to include an open living room with a kitchen in one hand. Construct the stairs leading out of the apartment on the outside of the garage, does not lead into the interior of the garage if possible. Designing stairs to be at least 42 inches wide to accommodate moving furniture up and down. Building walk-out door of the apartment to include deadbolt locks for security. Planning to buy a steel walk out the door to add safety.