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Installing Corrugated Metal Panels

Corrugated metal panels have been used for decades as roofing on the barns, sheds and other buildings, but not often at home. That changes as new materials and technologies are introduced. Corrugated metal, typically galvanized steel or aluminum was glossy and its appearance gave rise to its designation as a “tin roof.”

But today, corrugated panels are available with factory-installed colorful finishes that are generally resistant to weathering and fading. A properly installed corrugated roof will last for many years and is robust enough to resist damage from wind, heavy snow or other elements.

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Corrugated metal panels, as well as other roofing materials, are attached to any type of roof covering, either solid, such as oriented strand board or “strip-coating”, or one-of-4-inch boards nailed over the rafters. Solid sheathing is most commonly used on the houses while the strips used on sheds and barns. It should also be installed over a waterproof membrane or roofing paper to further protect the wood casing. At the house, often placed on top of rigid foam insulation attached to the decking or housing.

Install corrugated metal panels with screws that have a plastic tray cover the head, which seals the screw holes to prevent moisture from entering. Three-inch nails can be used, but must also have the sealing cap. Screws should be driven into the wooden deck in the corrugation valleys until the washer lid is firmly against the metal. It usually requires about 20 screws per panel, positioned 12 to 18 inches apart, although this will vary with the width and length of the roof.