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Wonderful Beach Wedding Table Decorations

Beach wedding table decorations – Creating a beach-themed wedding shower table requires a few sea-inspired accessories and a healthy dose of creativity. Combine sea-themed objects, such as shells and sand, with basic home decor pieces to design a customized table cape. A cloudless blue, green and white color palette will set stage for a casually elegant island style.

Create an eye-catching beach wedding table decorations centerpiece with natural sand and shells. Covering table with a turquoise tablecloth to look like sea water. Fill a shallow clear glass vessel halfway with sand. Nestle a small glass vase in middle of sand, and sprinkle a handful of sea shell around it. Add water to vase and add a few stems of fresh cut flowers. Choose tropical-inspired blooms, such as birds of paradise, or orchids to create a cohesive look.

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Set backdrop for beach wedding table decorations by adding a natural bamboo runs down middle of it. Fill a large clear glass bowl offers an elegant pedestal halfway with water. Add a mixture of seashells, starfish, sand dollars, sea glass and polished stone in bowl and let white or blue liquid light to glide on top. When turned on, lights reflect off water and cast a romantic glow over party table. Complete look by placing a starfish on guest’s envelope as an advantage.