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How To Choose A Beach Umbrella Table

Beach umbrella table – This is our catalog of umbrellas, including a selection of tracks for a smart purchase and proof of sunstroke. They are obviously different proposals. The main difference is the mobile nature of the first, opposite the second static. That is, that while the umbrella can move at your leisure, you install the second stays where. The price factor is also different, umbrellas (almost) are always cheaper, but life is always shorter. Who has not left a parasol at the end of your vacation to avoid having to take it on the plane? But it is that although both protect and create a feeling of freshness, awnings exert big brother and have more features. He thinks an awning can get the temperature down to 6 degrees Celsius and reduce up to 40 percent the use of air conditioning. The shade of the awning is long! And I will tell you what to choose. Be consistent. If you want to take her to the beach, you do not carry the XL model, especially if you have a long walk ahead. It is protected from the sun, but not at any price. Looking for a light umbrella, no extra kilos.

And, made to order, you can tilt beach umbrella table, rotate according to go moving the sun. While if you want one for your terrace or garden, things are different. Looking for a model that fits your needs: sunbathing by the pool, creating a summer dining, refresh your terrace awning if you have. Neither too big nor too small, it is to protect you nor you can move the leg without fear of being turned out of the shadow territory and get burned, but neither need three people to move it. The classic tarps, durable, waterproof though little or materials such as PVC, resistant to weathering life and high absorption capacity, are improved. Now, the fibers are dyed in mass, so that will not fade and incorporate treatments that repel water, stain or mildew. And low degrees depending on whether you choose light or dark tones.

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Gray Beach Umbrella TableSize: 1600 x 1200

Good Beach Umbrella TableSize: 1280 x 1280

Blue Beach Umbrella TableSize: 1000 x 1000

Thus, colors such as black or brown can remove up to 80 percent of solar radiation; if it is yellow or raw, “only” 60 percent. Of course, if there is a technological fabric (polyester new generation), the color does not say the last word or the first, since no influence. Take care of her, and survive the summer in perfect condition and can use beach umbrella table in the next. To do this, close it when not in use, if it gets wet, leave it open until dry and if it’s windy, do not open it, can fly as if it were the very same umbrella of Mary Pop pins.