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Simple Beach Themed Wreaths In Summer

Beach themed wreaths – Wreaths can be a staple decoration during the winter holiday season, but summer grass wreaths are a colorful wreath option for the warmer parts of the year. Summer grass wreaths are suitable for decorating your front door or add a summery touch to a fireplace mantle. Whether you create your own or buy a pre-made wreath from a producer, summer grass wreaths are a whimsical choice for interior.

A majority of summer grass wreaths are made ​​from the dried stalks of wheat. The bottom of the wheat wraps around a circular rim base, so that the fluttering ends wheat creating a spray around the outer rim of the collar beach themed wreaths grass and star grass are also opportunities for crafting spray style wreaths. More colorful green wreaths made ​​of moss or even bright green grass is a bright setting, but they do not have the same dramatic shape spray style wreaths.

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Flowers are not the only accessories to dress up a summer grass wreath. Broad, colorful ribbons can attach a wreath a bow. If you have a beach themed wreaths in your home, seashells wear design scheme through the grass wreath. For an even more dramatic effect, choose dried sand dollars and sea stars to decorate your simple beach grass wreath.