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Tips To Build Banyan Tree House

Tips To Build Banyan Tree House – Tree banyan is exciting and fun to play in tree house. Moreover you can also look around from there! A pair of binoculars can be a fun housewarming. Important that adults with and help so that the hut is stable and that the foundation is safe.

Tips to build banyan tree house start by looking up a great tree where the foundation can lie firmly against a number of branches. The tree should be healthy and not too old; otherwise the risk is that the tree does not hold. The branches should not be too thin, but rather, quite thick. Approximately 10 cm in diameter can be a benchmark. The wood to build the hut is not so important. The most common is leftover boards in good condition. But if you want a luxurious tree house you can go for treated lumber. It lasts longer because the hut or “floor” should be built with boards that are at least 22 mm thick. Fix them through a number of joists planks that you nail across the other boards to hold them together. The joists should tentatively be a little grove, say 45 mm thick and 95 mm wide.

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Then tips to build banyan tree house you can customize how the branches are sitting. Possibly you will be cutting some boards saw. When the foundation should be attached to the tree, most people think of a hammer and nails. But there are better options that are gentler on the tree. Most builders’ merchants sell mounting bands in metal. You can then drag them around the branches and screw or nail them to the ground studs. In this way you avoid damaging the tree.