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Ideas For Redwood Tree House

Redwood tree house – Building a house in a tree in your garden can be a good way to teach your children to love nature. As its name indicates, it is built leaning on a tree and the ground serves as an additional support structure. The tree house that we propose has a space that can be reached by fixed stairs, a fixed ladder or a rope ladder. Make sure your redwood tree house has a solid structure. Take your time. The exact way you build it will depend on the situation of your garden, but you can follow these step by step instructions as a guide. You can use different types of wood.

You must select redwood tree house with a suitable structure and make sure it is healthy. All this is essential for the house to have a firm and solid structure. Among the trees most suitable to build a house are beech, oak, maple and large firs. A tree with a robust trunk, strong branches and deep roots and well anchored to the ground constitutes a good base for redwood tree house.

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The tree should not have any signs of disease or parasites that could weaken the house. In case you are not clear if a tree is suitable for this purpose, it is best to consult with an expert, who will know everything you need on how to maintain the health of a tree and treat diseases and parasites and help you choose the redwood tree house more suitable before you start building the house.