Spectacular Mirrored Tree House

Mirrored tree house – To live hanging from a tree is an age-old habit that still today in the modern era is still in force, even stronger than ever. This tendency increases as the human species feels the need to reconcile their lives with nature. Also other animal species and healthy life. They are many kinds of tree house made with mirrors. Tree Hotel cube made from mirror is a spectacular tree house made by Swedish firm Tham & Videgard.

Posted on March 7, 2022 Tree House Equipment

This refuge is located near the village of Harads, at the northern tip of Sweden. The cubic structure made of aluminum hangs from the trunk of a tree. The effect of the mirrored tree house allows the environment to reflect and this house is mixed with the environment. The interior of this enclosure offers a 360ยบ view of the surroundings. The Treehotel in Sweden has several apartments. One of them is the mirror cube, built five meters high and equipped with designer furniture and luxury appliances.

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Top Mirrored Tree HouseSize: 1024 x 683

Own Mirrored Tree HouseSize: 1000 x 666

This cube of mirrored tree house is inspired by the movie The Tree Lover by Jonas Solberg Augustsen. While mirrors and therefore invisible tree house (The Mirror cube) built by the architectural firm Inrednin Gsgruppen. That is build as part of a hotel on the trees along the tourist route along the Swedish forests. Tourists literally “dissolved” in the forest, enjoying the tranquility and complete harmony with the environment.