Spectacular L Shaped Kitchen Layout

The design of l shaped kitchen layout is one of the most used due to its high functionality and versatility, very common in small environments because it allows us to save more space by the arrangement of your furniture. This design, as the name implies, brings the cabinets and appliances aligned on two adjacent walls of the kitchen. And, the remaining walls, if any, can be partially opened, open to other areas of the house or completely closed allowing other furniture to be placed according to the needs of each family, a small daily dining room or storage furniture. The first of our proposals is a kitchen in L example of how simplicity can be the most captivating and attractive.

Posted on May 28, 2022 Interior

The room has the elements strictly necessary to make it a functional and attractive space that exudes elegance and distinction. The white and the gray merge into an interesting set of contrasts complemented by details that provide a point of distinction, such as the decorative bell that crowns the cooking area or the interesting hanging cabinet over the sink. A kitchen in “L” allows more space to move, can become even more effective, finding the perfect working triangle that optimizes the work of cooking and cleaning. The working triangle generally includes the cooking zone, the sink area and the refrigerator area.

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L Shaped KitchenSize: 800 x 600

A small kitchen often needs more storage space, the lack of space to store supplies and kitchen products leads us to leave everything on the countertops or conglomerate the items inside the cabinets. If you are looking for a solution, the kitchens in “L” usually add a central island in the kitchen of a size that is compatible with the rest of the environment. Allowing the necessary part to be stored in the lower part, and the countertop area serving as a small dining room for daily use or as an additional work area.

The kitchen is a space in the house in which neatness and order must always be present and, on many occasions, this involves the choice of white or neutral tones to create an atmosphere of the most aseptic. However, having a kitchen full of color is a great option to fill with vitality a space that, as we said at the beginning of this book of ideas, is primarily aimed at creation. This kitchen in L introduces the colors on the countertop, although the floor and wall coverings also add to this injection of chromatic energy. The choice of furniture in light tones creates a perfect counterpoint to an eclectic and very cozy space.