Small Gingerbread House Template Printable Ideas

Small gingerbread house template printable – Make an entire city with small cute mini gingerbread houses and decorate with decorations in all colors. Starting with trace the templates on graph paper and over the little firmer cardboard. Make two copies of takbitar, ends and long sides, so you can cut out a whole house at once. Roll out thinly and add pepparkaksdegen of the papered plate.

Posted on April 11, 2021 Small House Ideas

Place the templates of small gingerbread house template printable and cut out the pieces carefully with a sharp knife. Remove the excess dough. Second, bake the pieces to the delicate color of about 175 degrees for about 5-7 minutes. Allow to cool on the baking sheet. Before they cooled down, any adjustments to be made with a sharp knife. Third, melt 2 deciliter of sugar in a frying pan to amber. Dip the long wall on the short side of the sweet and attached to framgavelns back of the picture.

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Then, dip next long side and fastened in the same way. Dip now both long sides of the short sides of caramel and secure the rear end. Ironing caramel on the gables above pages and turn on takbitarna. Dip the door one long side of caramel and attach at an angle to the house. Last, time to get down to making decorations. Start by adding some icing in the joint between the shingles. For a comprehensive takdekoration it is good to spread the icing on the entire roof and then dip the small gingerbread house template printable of sprinkles or similar.