Small Duplex House Elevation Design

Small duplex house elevation – A south face house plan is believe in making you feel relaxed and financially strong. When designing this house you have to make sure that the door is located in the south or in the 4 from the south. The reason for this is because there is a strong believes that when the doors facing south, it is a sign of a good sign.

Posted on April 28, 2022 Small House Ideas

You should ensure that the master bedroom and small duplex house elevation located in the south-west corner. When design your bedroom should be careful that you do not compromise space for the design of the front elevation. You have to leave enough open space to the east and north sides. You should avoid leaving plenty of room in the south as it is a bad sign. You should also avoid building a septic tank, sump water, garden or terrace to the southwest.

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Some of the best things to build towards the southwest are an office or shop. Find the two directions are a sign that you will succeed and improve your financial situation as the owner. When designing your store or office shall ensure that the southern wall of the small duplex house elevation is much higher than the north wall. This is to bring better results. When it comes to a septic tank, you have to build it on the north side of your house. To avoid contamination you should make sure that the septic tank is 15 feet of flood water or artesian well.