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Small adobe houses – Things have change since the early days when people say that Wuelpern crazy to build in a “seedy.” Now the native sharing Barrio Santa Rosa, artists, architects, musicians symphony, and many other creative types attract by the rural character of the adobe house.

Posted on June 18, 2022 Small House Ideas

Small adobe houses is one of the construction was first brought to the Southwest by early Spanish settlers. Who originally introduce to it by the Moors of North Africa. One old adobe after another crowd Barrio dusty roads, many of them painted in bright colors that glow in the desert heat. Barrio Santa Rosa really has the feel of a traditional Mexican town.

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And it has been a treat to get to know the pleasure of the Green house small adobe houses. The walls are 18 inches thick and pour concrete floors with radiant heat systems embed in them. I chose recycled blue jeans were as effective as fiberglass insulation for temperature but even better for the sound. And more green and ecology so it will not pose any danger to the environment or health of a person. The paint on the interior walls of the right. Because it is a unique non-toxic clay paint consist of pigment of the earth comes from the desert landscape itself. All other interior paints Non-VOC, so they do not contaminate the interior space of the house.