Shipping Container Tree House Plans

Shipping Container Tree House Plans – Experience the seasons live and close up, with the animal trees on you and you and a breathtaking view. Shipping container tree house where can you do that now, if not under the canopy of a big tree. The relaxation effect of container tree house also hoteliers recognized. Guest rooms in and around the tree shoot from the ground like the mushroom. And more and more individuals get a taste of these exceptional habitats.

Posted on July 7, 2022 Tree House Model

Shipping container tree house can be realized in various sizes, designs and equipment. Two or more levels are possible as well as the construction of several bodies at different heights. It can be built on stilts or suspended between the trees. The size for completely hanging designs depends on the possibilities of the tree. Purely technically, it is also no problem to equip the houses with electrical and water installations and thus create a quasi-full-fledged residence. Electric cables and water pipes are installed in the supports which stabilize the house.

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Larch and Douglas fir are particularly suitable for the construction of a shipping container tree house, since these woods are light and weather-resistant. But even in the tops of beeches, pines, oaks or lime trees it can be lived. Fast-growing species such as poplar or willow are less suitable. Anyway, should the tree be healthy, otherwise its sustainability and stability at risk. For an environmentally-friendly fastening, screws and bolts should be omitted and worked with tensioned cable constructions instead. In order to anchors the houses and terraces securely and without injury in the trees, steel ropes are used, which are fastened to strong branches or the trunk by means of heavy-duty textile belts. This prevents injuries to the bark, which can subsequently promote fungal attack. The textile belts allow the tree freedom of movement and further growth.