Setting Jay Shafer Small House Book

Jay Shafer small house book – Even electronic reading devices have their place in modern society; there is still nothing quite as satisfying as sitting down and physically reading a good book. If your love of books has grown into a large collection, you might find all these piles of books a bit overwhelming. Making a jay Shafer small house book in your home can not only help to create a sense of order to all of these books, but it can also provide a comfortable and private space for reading.

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Select a quiet area of ​​the house to setting jay Shafer small house book. Choose a room that has a door you can close or an area that is away from everyday noises. Use bookshelves stretching from floor to ceiling. Consider adding shelves mounted above windows and doorways. This allows you to have more books in the limited space.

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Plan the spacing of furniture for the library. Keep the area as open and uncluttered as possible. You may find that a chair and a sofa or a couple of chairs and a small table to work better in a small space than a larger seating arrangements.

Use minimal treatments on the windows to allow natural light to flow through. Place lamps on tables or standing lamps slightly behind the reader. This will allow for indirect lighting that is bright but comfortable for reading. Choose a system to place the books on the shelves. Make it easy for family members to find their favorite books by grouping books.