Save An Inflatable Beach Chair

Inflatable Beach Chair – Keep an Inflatable Beach Chair properly to keep you protected from extreme temperatures and humidity. Exposure to water can cause mold growth on the surface of the Chair. Temperature changes affect the way makes the Chair. Both conditions can ruin the Inflatable Beach Chair and void the warranty. Inflatable’s manufacturers offer some suggestions on how to prepare your Chair for storage and where to store it to prevent damage.

Posted on October 25, 2021 Beach Chairs

Clean the sides and bottom of the inflatable beach chair with a soft cloth dampened with warm water and mild dish washing detergent. Wash the Chair cover in warm water on the gentle cycle of your washer. Use mild bleach – free detergent. Top dryer on low heat. Let the inflatable beach chair plenty of time to dry before storing.

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Pull the exhaust valve open air in the inflatable beach chair to deflate it. Some inflatable beach chairs come with a pump with a deflated configuration.  Wind the cord together and secure together with string or ribbon. Fold each side of the Chair in the middle. Wrap the Chair up tightly, starting at one end and working toward the opposite end. Place the Chair in a storage bag, often provided by the manufacturer. Save the inflatable beach chair in a clean, dry place at room temperature is maintained.