Recessed Shower Shelf Ideas

Recessed shower shelf – Custom shower construction or remodeling gives an owner or builder the freedom to adapt to unique needs and desires. A particularity that can be included in a shower is a recessed niche. Sometimes also known as a niche shampoo or nook, this feature provides a comfortable, out-of-the-way storage space and often positively contributes to the overall appearance of showering. A well-built niche should be waterproof if it is going to be subjected to water splashes and the glass shelf should have a slight inclination to facilitate drainage.

Posted on December 29, 2020 Interior

Prepare the space for the niche. Cut out a space between two wall studs. Use a knife to cut and remove a section of the support board. If the niche is being installed on a wall that is tiled or otherwise finished, break the surface and the base mortar with a chisel and a hammer. Build the framework for the recessed niche. Measure and cut sections of 2 by 4 boards to fit horizontally and perfectly between the wall studs. Use a hammer to pound it into place to form the top and bottom of the frame.

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Measure and cut sections of the cement base plates to fit the back, sides, and top and bottom of the gap. To cut base plates, score through the mesh layer on one side with a knife and break the base plates section. Install the cement support board in the niche. Place the section of the back wall first, and then follow with the side walls, the ceiling and the floor. Use screws and a drill to secure the support board panels. For added safety, apply a small amount of thin-set adhesive mortar on the back of each piece of base plates before applying pressure in place.

Measure and cut a section of waterproofing membrane to fit inside the niche and expand slightly into the surrounding wall. Glue the waterproofing membrane in the niche. Work from the center of the back wall to the outside, using a suitable adhesive for use with the specific membrane material or thin-set adhesive mortar, and press the membrane tightly against the niche walls. Tile or otherwise install trim around the niche. Use the specially designed bull-nose shot or cap tiles, positioning them so that the lip projects slightly into the niche. Prepare the tiles at the back of the niche. Determine the desired design and design the tiles for a simulation. Typically, tiles for the bottom of a shower niche are placed so that they line up with the tiles of the surrounding wall or they are diagonally set and focused on the niche.